Sunday, May 5, 2013

Best laid plans and all that...

It seems that the harder I try to plan out certain activities or plans, the more apt they are to fall apart at the last minute.

I haven't gotten any work done since JR has been home. We have either been busy or there wasn't any work to do. That's OK since I don't like being glued to my computer all the time.

We had family pictures scheduled for yesterday, but the extremely cloudy weather put the kibosh on that one. Now the baby and I are sick with some intense allergy/sinus issues. Even had to break out the nebulizer again. :(

Looks like we will have to put the family pictures on hold until we get to Louisiana, but at least I will get some pictures of the kiddos this week (weather permitting!).

Oh! I forgot to mention that Justin also has two teeth pushing through. Ashley never had a problem with teething. Let's just say that other than looking exactly alike, my kids have nothing in common.

Today will consist of medicating, finishing a paper, and trying to get in a little studying for my final that's due tomorrow. Oh, and trying to get as much time with JR as possible. He leaves out again on Tuesday. :( BUT, when he gets back, it's vacation time! I can't wait to get to Louisiana to see family!

I have a little over two weeks until we leave and I'm hoping to loose a few pounds. Hopefully this next course won't be a killer and I can finally get back on track with my workouts and eating. Now let's see if that actually happens. Hah!

How is everyone else doing today? Got anything fun planned for the week?

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