Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm a failure...and why that's OK.

Anyone else get super motivated and do a lot of stuff at once, only to burn out and then turn super lazy? Yeah, that's me in a nutshell. I will overdo it right off the bat and then think, "Hey, I deserve a break." That break then turns into completely abandoning what I had planned to do. This is the case for my cleaning challenge. Sorry, guys. After my crazy stress cleaning session, I just couldn't do it. I also piled work, kids, writing and homework onto my plate. (Speaking of writing, check out my new post on ROW that just went live!) I'm up to four posts a month, in my fifth week of this course, and trying to earn money to pay for gas and extras for our Louisiana trip.

Y'all, I'm learning that it is OK to not be all things to all people. I'm a good mother and wife and that's about all I need to be. I take on so much responsibility, some of which isn't even mine to take on. I constantly stress myself out about things that I have no control over. Hopefully I'll find something that will keep my interest and start another series soon.

Anyway, JR comes home today so I am tiding up the house and shaving those legs. You know it's official when the phrase "leg shaving" is thrown around. I've already washed dishes, watered the flowers, taken out the recycling, and now I'm folding laundry. Just have to sweep the floors and then get the kids and I baths. Then we will be headed to the airport!

Check out my ROW post and have a great day, y'all!

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