Sunday, March 3, 2013

Time is on my side, right?

I'm starting to think time is my enemy. There never seems to be enough of it. I always run out of time for cleaning, doing homework, spending time with JR before he leaves for his next hitch. Right now, it's 11:24 p.m. and I'm feeding my son after finally getting some homework done. My husband and daughter (and the dogs) are asleep and it's just Baby Boy and I. (Well, if you count Justin being barely coherent enough to drink his bottle, then he is awake.)

One of the things that has sent me down this philosophical road is my daughter. Ashley is growing up so fast and every single day she does something to amaze me. The last few weeks she has demanded to dress herself. Here is a sampling of her outfits:

She has the fashion sense and love for skinny jeans that her mommy will never have.

Last night Ashley decided she didn't need my help getting ready for bed. I must have had a sad look on my face because she said, "It's OK, Mommy. I'll always need your help." Talk about getting the vapors! Ugh.

And look at my little man with his big sister:

Can someone please tell Justin to stop growing?!

Time may be going by way too fast, but the times that I am able to slow down and enjoy what I have been blessed with make it all worth while. I won't always be struggling with homework until the wee hours of the morning. I won't always get the chance to dress my kids and tuck them in at night. I won't always get to enjoy the feeling of JR's first few nights home from a hitch. But while I can, you better believe I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Do you see blessings in the midst of a crazy life? Tell me how you cope with time running short in the comments section or send me a tweet @Ofwjaimie. (Don't forget to go enter the DecalThat giveaway on my last post!)

Don't forget to kiss your babies whether they be big, small, young, old(er), or of the four legged variety.

Night y'all.

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