Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Two Cents

I'll be the first to say that I don't like debating people, ESPECIALLY if I don't know them personally. Politics with my Dad over breakfast at the local diner? Yes. Fighting with someone who thinks they are knowledgeable because they can find Wikipedia on the Internet? No thanks. I do not intend to debate fracking here, so if this is your intention, GO AWAY. Just a warning: I will delete any and all comments that attempt to create a hostile environment. (Seriously. This isn't an open forum where you get the freedom to mindlessly mouth-off consequence free.)

I've seen FrackNation,  a pro-fracking documentary that was filmed to respond to the anti-fracking documentary Gasland. I'll be honest and say that until JR started in the industry, I didn't really pay attention to fracking. I haven't watched Gasland, partly because I don't think I'll be able to make it through the first twenty minutes without getting upset. This is why I refuse to say if any information in Gasland is valid or not.

Here is what I will say: Become educated and informed on the topic! If this is such an important issue to you, especially if this impacts your income (OFW's!), learn all you can about it. This goes for both sides! There is nothing I hate more than someone making claims that they can't back up with proof. (Thanks Dr. Mallory! You've made a true Grad student out of me!)

Here are links to websites for both documentaries as well as a few that I find interesting:



Interesting list of things that are petroleum based

Report on Shale from the Government Accountability Office from 2012

While I do not want to debate the topic, feel free to share websites in the comments section, but ONLY if they have factual information to back them up. If there isn't a link to what ever report or study it is they are citing, then they didn't do a very good job. (This goes for both sides of the topic!) Let's work together to create the most educated community of Oilfield Wives out there!

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