Monday, January 14, 2013

Where does the time go?

Well, we have reached the end of another two weeks at home. JR flies back up North tomorrow morning. I have a lot of things planned this week to keep the kids and I busy, so I'm hoping things will go by fast. I know tomorrow and Wednesday will be full of cleaning the mess that is my house. I'm also going to try to kick my weight loss efforts into full gear. I want to wow JR when I pick him up at the airport in two weeks.

When JR is home, nothing gets done. It didn't help that I was working the last part of my notice at the university this week. If I had been home, I would probably have nothing to do the next two days. It's a choice: A)messy house and time with my amazing husband or B) clean the house and ignore him while he sits on the couch. It's been hard for my clean freak self, but I'll chose A all day long.

Later this week baby girl is going to model for a professional photographer. She has always been a ham and loves the camera so I'm very excited to see how she does. Between getting the ROW writing gig and Ashley modeling, I feel like we are finally getting into a good place. It wouldn't be possible if JR had gone a different direction after the Army. Thank you, babe!

Speaking of writing, I'm thinking that I am going to try to make my blog all official.Several friends and family members have said I should put myself out there, so I am. I found a designer with $50.00 templates so I'm going to save up for a little bit and get one. Right now this set-up will have to do, but be looking for changes in the next month or two. (I want to be sure I will have high enough traffic to justify buying a template.)

Well, I guess I should get to finishing up what loose ends I have here at work. (Last day! YAY!!!) Until next time, make sure you follow me on Twitter: @Ofwjaimie and check out Real Oilfield Wives. :)

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