Monday, January 21, 2013

This post is for the birds...

I'm serious. It's literally for the birds. 

I've been looking for little projects to do with Ashley since we will be at the house a lot more than we used to. For baby girl, these projects are just really fun. For me, they are precious memories made.

I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas (and to feed my addiction to the site) and found one on using toilet paper rolls to make bird feeders, which we did this afternoon. I took pictures with my phone (and then Instagramed the hell out of 'em) for your viewing pleasure. Let's keep in mind that I kinda suck at taking pictures. You will see random kitchen appliances and parts of my dogs as well. In almost every picture, Ashley is my model. This kid loves the camera. 

Anyway, here is what you will need if you decide to do this with your little ones (and trust me, it's ridiculously easy):

Birdseed (I found this bag at Big Lots for 2.50. We still have A LOT left)- Pour some onto a plate.
Peanut butter
Toilet paper roll (The longer pieces in the picture are from a paper towel roll that I cut in half)
Butter knife 
Small child (Not pictured)

Step One: Using butter knife, cover toilet paper roll in peanut butter.

Step Two: Press down gently and roll the cardboard on top of the birdseed. 
(Ashley wasn't really understanding the whole "press down gently part" so we just sprinkled loose birdseed over the bare parts and patted it in place.)

Your finished product should look like this:

Last step is to take them outside and place them on tree limbs. There is one huge tree in our backyard that birds tend to congregate in, so we picked that tree. 
Here is Ashley standing beneath two of the feeders. That brown and white back end belongs to our dog, Jack. I'm not sure why, but Jack and our other dog, Cheyenne, kept eating the loose birdseed we spread on the ground. Crazy animals. 

Anyways, the entire project took less than 30 minutes and was very kid friendly. Ashley got peanut butter on her shirt, but it'll wash out. This will probably be something we will do frequently. Especially since we have a ton of birdseed left. 

If you have any ideas like this one, feel free to share in the comments section! :)

Happy bird feedin' y'all! 

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  1. My daughter did this at Daisies the other week. She was so proud of feeding the poor birds in the winter. I just found your blog through the Oilfield Wives page :)