Friday, January 11, 2013

So, your husband is a Roughneck...

I think, in the back of my mind, I always knew JR would get out of the Army, it just never occurred to me that he would work in the oil and gas industry. I should have seen it coming though. JR has never run from hard or dangerous work and he is hell bent on providing a comfortable life for his family. (I'm a lucky woman, ain't I?) Now here we are, three months into this new adventure, and I'm still learning what it is to be an Oilfield Wife.

During JR's first hitch, I got onto the internet and started joining oilfield support pages left and right. Do you have any idea the crazy number of oilfield related Facebook pages there are? Yeah, I didn't either. I'm glad I joined them because they eventually led me to and the beginnings of an actual writing career. Yes, you read right: Someone is actually paying me to write for them. Writing isn't new to me, I just always did it as more of a hobby, but actually being paid for something I love to do? Fuhgidaboutit. I hope that this will eventually lead to something big. *fingers crossed!*

Anyway, head on over to the Real Oilfield Wives website and check it out. Here is a direct link to my first post.

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