Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm still here!

Have you ever had life get in the way? I almost feel like life is laughing at me this week.

My professor decided to wait until the last two weeks of the course to assign the bulk of the work. I always go into a class with the intention to get ahead and to finish tasks early. Yeah. NEVER happens. Justin has started staying awake more during the day, and Ashley hasn't napped in years. Yes, I know she is only 3 & 1/2. Try telling her that.

I'm also trying to combat some random weight gain and get back on track with my challenge team. The only explanation is the birth control that I just recently started. I can either work a little harder and push through these extra pounds, or I can get pregnant again (NO THANK YOU!). I've started an OFW group on MFP. (Acronyms much? Hah!) I'm getting on the bike even though it's usually late at night. Tonight, I'm going to try some Sleepy Time tea. I'm a sweet tea kind of gal, so this should be interesting.

All said, things are crazy. I always thought if I could stay home, I would get so much more done. Honestly? Sitting in my house all day for several days in a row only shows me what needs to be cleaned and organized. I'm also realizing how awesome my kids are. Ashley is just so smart and sassy. Sometimes it drives me insane, but she makes me laugh more often than not. Justin is starting to come into his own personality. His little smiles and coos are worth the craziness of being a stay at home mom.

On a different note, my newest ROW post will be up this week. I'll be sure to post the link when it goes live. I still can't believe I'm a part of such an amazing site. Also, the views on the blog are up. Almost 250 views?! Heck yeah! Thank y'all for reading. If I didn't have people who actually read my posts, I'm sure I would have stopped writing after the second post. Keep reading and I'll keep posting!

Anyway, I need to get my behind on the bike. Be looking for another post featuring a kid friendly activity packed full of pictures of Ashley. :)

Night y'all!

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