Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm still here!

Have you ever had life get in the way? I almost feel like life is laughing at me this week.

My professor decided to wait until the last two weeks of the course to assign the bulk of the work. I always go into a class with the intention to get ahead and to finish tasks early. Yeah. NEVER happens. Justin has started staying awake more during the day, and Ashley hasn't napped in years. Yes, I know she is only 3 & 1/2. Try telling her that.

I'm also trying to combat some random weight gain and get back on track with my challenge team. The only explanation is the birth control that I just recently started. I can either work a little harder and push through these extra pounds, or I can get pregnant again (NO THANK YOU!). I've started an OFW group on MFP. (Acronyms much? Hah!) I'm getting on the bike even though it's usually late at night. Tonight, I'm going to try some Sleepy Time tea. I'm a sweet tea kind of gal, so this should be interesting.

All said, things are crazy. I always thought if I could stay home, I would get so much more done. Honestly? Sitting in my house all day for several days in a row only shows me what needs to be cleaned and organized. I'm also realizing how awesome my kids are. Ashley is just so smart and sassy. Sometimes it drives me insane, but she makes me laugh more often than not. Justin is starting to come into his own personality. His little smiles and coos are worth the craziness of being a stay at home mom.

On a different note, my newest ROW post will be up this week. I'll be sure to post the link when it goes live. I still can't believe I'm a part of such an amazing site. Also, the views on the blog are up. Almost 250 views?! Heck yeah! Thank y'all for reading. If I didn't have people who actually read my posts, I'm sure I would have stopped writing after the second post. Keep reading and I'll keep posting!

Anyway, I need to get my behind on the bike. Be looking for another post featuring a kid friendly activity packed full of pictures of Ashley. :)

Night y'all!

Monday, January 21, 2013

This post is for the birds...

I'm serious. It's literally for the birds. 

I've been looking for little projects to do with Ashley since we will be at the house a lot more than we used to. For baby girl, these projects are just really fun. For me, they are precious memories made.

I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas (and to feed my addiction to the site) and found one on using toilet paper rolls to make bird feeders, which we did this afternoon. I took pictures with my phone (and then Instagramed the hell out of 'em) for your viewing pleasure. Let's keep in mind that I kinda suck at taking pictures. You will see random kitchen appliances and parts of my dogs as well. In almost every picture, Ashley is my model. This kid loves the camera. 

Anyway, here is what you will need if you decide to do this with your little ones (and trust me, it's ridiculously easy):

Birdseed (I found this bag at Big Lots for 2.50. We still have A LOT left)- Pour some onto a plate.
Peanut butter
Toilet paper roll (The longer pieces in the picture are from a paper towel roll that I cut in half)
Butter knife 
Small child (Not pictured)

Step One: Using butter knife, cover toilet paper roll in peanut butter.

Step Two: Press down gently and roll the cardboard on top of the birdseed. 
(Ashley wasn't really understanding the whole "press down gently part" so we just sprinkled loose birdseed over the bare parts and patted it in place.)

Your finished product should look like this:

Last step is to take them outside and place them on tree limbs. There is one huge tree in our backyard that birds tend to congregate in, so we picked that tree. 
Here is Ashley standing beneath two of the feeders. That brown and white back end belongs to our dog, Jack. I'm not sure why, but Jack and our other dog, Cheyenne, kept eating the loose birdseed we spread on the ground. Crazy animals. 

Anyways, the entire project took less than 30 minutes and was very kid friendly. Ashley got peanut butter on her shirt, but it'll wash out. This will probably be something we will do frequently. Especially since we have a ton of birdseed left. 

If you have any ideas like this one, feel free to share in the comments section! :)

Happy bird feedin' y'all! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

That Girl is a Reading Fool...

If there is one thing to be said about me, it is that I love to read. I could spend hours in a library (even when I wasn't working in one). I have read so many books that I've lost count. Sometimes, I forget I've read a book until I get about 20 pages into it for the second time. If I find a book that I really like and it is part of a series, I will read the entire series in a week. Unless it is like the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. Then I'll have it read in three months. (Give me a break. There were like 16 books in the series when I started reading it!)

The picture above is what I currently have checked out from the local library. Think that's a lot? I'm making up for lost time. While I was pregnant with Justin, I could not concentrate on a book to save my life. I think I might have read two books the entire year (felt like a damn year, anyway) that I was pregnant. In the past three days, I've managed to knock out the Nora Roberts and Kerrelyn Sparks books, and I'm almost finished with the Bob Harper book. Finally got my (reading) groove back.

Kerrelyn Sparks, Nora Roberts, and Lydia Dare are all some of my favorite authors. I especially love to read North Carolina authors like Ron Rash, Clyde Edgerton, and Sarah Addison Allen. (Allen's newest book is coming out in the Fall. Eeeeeeee!) I also like almost all of Nicholas Sparks' books. Except for the ones with the crappy endings. I see enough crappy endings in real life. Reading is my way to relax and escape. Stop screwing with my escape, Nick!

I'm also a big fan of paranormal and historical romances, which you can clearly see in the picture.

In the Fall of 2011, hubby bought me a Nook. I've got a crap-ton (it's a technical phrase, y'all) of books on it. I've got cook books, couponing books, biographies, and, of course, romances. See a trend here? If you hit the "currently reading" button on my Nook, you will find that I've been reading The Duck Commander Family. (I'm seriously addicted to Duck Dynasty on A&E.)

To be honest, I'm trying to finish up as many books as I can before the end of this hitch. As I've stated in previous entries, I get next to nothing done when JR is home; this includes reading. Considering JR just left on Tuesday, I think I'm doing pretty good.

Who is your favorite author? What are you currently reading and are you an e-reader lover or more of an I-have-to-have-the-actual-book-in-my-hands type? Leave me a comment and let me know, or send me a tweet: @Ofwjaimie.

[Now, y'all, I know I have people reading this blog. I can track the page views, remember? So go ahead and leave a comment. Please and thank you! :)]

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Longest. Day. Ever.

The way my day started out should have been some indication that it was going to be rough. Justin slept from 10pm to 530am, so I had more energy than I'm used to and didn't go back to sleep after his feeding. I decided to go ahead and make some coffee. I put water and a k-cup in the brewer and hit the start button. Notice what I didn't do? If you guessed "put a cup under the little spout the coffee comes out in," you would be right! Yeah, cleaning that up was a blast.

Things chilled out for a little while. I was able to almost finish a book, but had to get the kiddos and myself ready for Ashley's modeling thing. She rocked that, by the way. Once I get some of the pictures, I'll be sure to post one. This kid is ridiculously photogenic.

After Ashley's photo session, I had to run home and get a change of clothes for Justin. His diaper had leaked while my friend, Heather, was watching him during the shoot. I was just going to hang at Heather's for a bit until time to head to town, but nooooo. I managed to leave the extra baby clothes on the couch. Fantastic.

After an extra trip to the house, we finally were on our way to the dealership to get the oil in the truck changed. (Yes, I did take both kids with me. I probably should have taken a Xanax before hand.) I managed to only cuss at two people while driving there. Once at the dealership, the kids and I settled into the waiting area thinking we'd only be there for half an hour. Well, we were there for an hour and a half. All of the mud and dirt from driving around the Pennsylvania town JR works in made it hard for the dealership to get to where the oil plug (or whatever the hell it is the guy said) was. 

I had originally planned to take Ashley back to Heather's so she could play with her daughters, but I was so annoyed by the time we left the dealership that I felt it best for everyone if I went straight home. 

It's only 7:15 pm, my eyes are barely open, and I still have homework to finish before I can end the day from hell. 

'Til next time, y'all. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yeah, I'm one of those people...

Who post pictures of their meals. I can't help it, y'all. I'm just so dang proud of how healthy my lunch is. I am doing a weight loss challenge from with two other ladies. The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is a sister of, which is how I found out about it.

I'll be honest, the last two weeks I could have done better. I did lose almost six lbs, so I didn't do too shabby. With hubby home, having time to workout and plan healthy meals (that he would actually eat) was non-existant. Also, I was sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day last week. Although, I did do a lot of walking to get clearance signatures.

Anyway, are you taking a weight loss challenge? Feel free to share your progress with me in the comments below, or send me a tweet: @Ofwjaimie

As they say over at the Sisterhood, "Happy Shrinking, y'all!" (Ok, the y'all was totally me. Hah!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New ROW Post!

Check it out y'all! My newest post for is up. Make sure you check out the picture of JR that goes with the post. :) My handsome and hardworking Roughneck!

Speaking of JR, he left out today for another hitch in PA. This is the first hitch that the company has actually paid to fly him up there. Before we could even pull out of the departure lane at the airport, Ashley started crying and saying, "I miss my daddy!" Ugh. Tissue please?

I got home and I couldn't help but dive into cleaning and organizing. I have found that the first few days of JR being gone, I can't sit still. It's like I have to constantly be doing something. I've also done homework, given both the kiddos a bath, and put them to bed. Next step? Putting myself to bed. *yawn*

Make sure you check out the post and let me know what you think. Share with your friends! :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Where does the time go?

Well, we have reached the end of another two weeks at home. JR flies back up North tomorrow morning. I have a lot of things planned this week to keep the kids and I busy, so I'm hoping things will go by fast. I know tomorrow and Wednesday will be full of cleaning the mess that is my house. I'm also going to try to kick my weight loss efforts into full gear. I want to wow JR when I pick him up at the airport in two weeks.

When JR is home, nothing gets done. It didn't help that I was working the last part of my notice at the university this week. If I had been home, I would probably have nothing to do the next two days. It's a choice: A)messy house and time with my amazing husband or B) clean the house and ignore him while he sits on the couch. It's been hard for my clean freak self, but I'll chose A all day long.

Later this week baby girl is going to model for a professional photographer. She has always been a ham and loves the camera so I'm very excited to see how she does. Between getting the ROW writing gig and Ashley modeling, I feel like we are finally getting into a good place. It wouldn't be possible if JR had gone a different direction after the Army. Thank you, babe!

Speaking of writing, I'm thinking that I am going to try to make my blog all official.Several friends and family members have said I should put myself out there, so I am. I found a designer with $50.00 templates so I'm going to save up for a little bit and get one. Right now this set-up will have to do, but be looking for changes in the next month or two. (I want to be sure I will have high enough traffic to justify buying a template.)

Well, I guess I should get to finishing up what loose ends I have here at work. (Last day! YAY!!!) Until next time, make sure you follow me on Twitter: @Ofwjaimie and check out Real Oilfield Wives. :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

So, your husband is a Roughneck...

I think, in the back of my mind, I always knew JR would get out of the Army, it just never occurred to me that he would work in the oil and gas industry. I should have seen it coming though. JR has never run from hard or dangerous work and he is hell bent on providing a comfortable life for his family. (I'm a lucky woman, ain't I?) Now here we are, three months into this new adventure, and I'm still learning what it is to be an Oilfield Wife.

During JR's first hitch, I got onto the internet and started joining oilfield support pages left and right. Do you have any idea the crazy number of oilfield related Facebook pages there are? Yeah, I didn't either. I'm glad I joined them because they eventually led me to and the beginnings of an actual writing career. Yes, you read right: Someone is actually paying me to write for them. Writing isn't new to me, I just always did it as more of a hobby, but actually being paid for something I love to do? Fuhgidaboutit. I hope that this will eventually lead to something big. *fingers crossed!*

Anyway, head on over to the Real Oilfield Wives website and check it out. Here is a direct link to my first post.

Also, follow me on Twitter: @Ofwjaimie. Don't think about it, just do it. :)

Oh, and check back here often for more posts!