Thursday, June 27, 2013

In transition...

Hey everyone. I've started a new blog over at Wordpress. I like the format much better and I'm hoping to go to new levels with this blog. Go check it out! I'm going to be leaving this blog up until I can figure out how to get these posts transferred.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's almost July already?!

I'm sorry I've been so lazy with posting. Last month I had five posts with ROW, a vacation to Louisiana, school work, house work, the kids, etc. When I had a spare moment, all I wanted to do was sleep or read a book. (Finally getting to read Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson! WOOT!) 

Anyway, I'm gearing up for JR to come home tomorrow! A new course started today, so I'm trying to get the initial bio posts and text readings out of the way. I'm about to start writing my next ROW post since I have finally found something to write about: DIY projects. This was inspired by my finding a YouTube video by Britneyandbaby on how to make baby wipes and a post from the Simply Domestic Me blog that shows you how to make your own Clorox anywhere spray. It was easy and I already had everything I needed for both projects in the house! (Sorry there isn't any pictures. My iPhone took a swim and the loaner phone I have has a crappy camera!)

I've also been on a faith-related journey. I'm an admin for Oilfield Family Ministry on Facebook and it has been such a helpful tool in my walk. For the first time, I really take the time to pray and to think about how God's influence is everywhere. I've also finally started giving the Lord my worries and problems. Let me tell ya, that took some time and I'm not done yet. 

There are some opportunities that might be coming open for me in the coming months and I must say, I'm pretty excited to see where the Lord takes me. 

Be looking out for my ROW post that goes live on the 20th. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where did the time go?!

We leave in two days (AHH!) for our trip to Louisiana. I haven't packed a single thing and I still need to find someone to watch our second dog. (He's a bit of a grouch so no one wants to watch him.) JR comes home from PA tomorrow, which is also Ashley's 4th birthday.

Let me just say that I'm completely freaking out that my kid is going to be 4. Wasn't she just born? Where did those four years go? When did she turn into this sassy and brilliant little girl? I swear, I'm going to blink and she will be in high school. :(

Oh, and while I'm going down depression lane, Justin is trying to crawl and isn't napping much anymore. The days of getting stuff done while he slept are over. In just six days, he will be six months old. I just want to grab both of them and say, "Cut it out! You are not allowed to grow up!"

Anyway, most of you know about the horrible tragedy in Moore, OK yesterday. So many of our OF families have been impacted. I'm so touched by the amount of support that the OF community has shown already. I have personally seen people offering up farm land for displaced animals, starting relief funds, and offering their own homes to those that are affected. I'm an administrator for the Oilfield Family Ministry page and we are putting out as much information as we can, sharing a lot from other OF pages.

If you can, please donate or volunteer. You can text RED CROSS to 90999 or FOOD to 32333 (Regional Food Bank of OK) to donate $10.00 (Will be added to your phone bill). The Rig Wives Foundation is working with the Salvation Army to collect money as well as Oilfield Families of America.

This is quite possibly one of the most devastating natural disasters in the history of OK. One thing that will come of this is that we will come together to help those in need. Much like what I saw during JR's time in the military, the Oilfield takes care of it's own and then some. Pray for the missing, pray for the survivors, and most of all, pray for the families that have lost loved ones. They all have a long, hard road ahead.

Until next time, y'all.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New ROW post and update!

I know, I know, it's been forever since I've written a post. It's been one thing after another, I tell ya.

We have our trip to Louisiana coming up next week and I have to try to get as much homework and writing done as possible before we leave. I will have three ROW posts due right before, during, and right after the trip. I'm also going to be gone during part of week 3 and week 4 of my current course. Thank God for laptops and wireless internet!

I'm exhausted, y'all. I haven't had a full night of sleep in a while. Justin refuses to sleep through the night anymore. I really hope this phase ends soon.

I also signed on to be an admin on another Facebook group: Oilfield Family Ministry.

I have books that need to be read and cleaning that needs to be done. The front yard still needs to be mowed (did the back yesterday) and I haven't even found anyone to watch the dogs yet. Oh, and I should probably start thinking about packing.

Ashley's birthday is the day before we head South. I can't believe my baby is going to be 4! I'll take pics at her little party we have planned and post them.

Well, I'm going to try to get something done. Take a look at my latest ROW post!

Later y'all!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Best laid plans and all that...

It seems that the harder I try to plan out certain activities or plans, the more apt they are to fall apart at the last minute.

I haven't gotten any work done since JR has been home. We have either been busy or there wasn't any work to do. That's OK since I don't like being glued to my computer all the time.

We had family pictures scheduled for yesterday, but the extremely cloudy weather put the kibosh on that one. Now the baby and I are sick with some intense allergy/sinus issues. Even had to break out the nebulizer again. :(

Looks like we will have to put the family pictures on hold until we get to Louisiana, but at least I will get some pictures of the kiddos this week (weather permitting!).

Oh! I forgot to mention that Justin also has two teeth pushing through. Ashley never had a problem with teething. Let's just say that other than looking exactly alike, my kids have nothing in common.

Today will consist of medicating, finishing a paper, and trying to get in a little studying for my final that's due tomorrow. Oh, and trying to get as much time with JR as possible. He leaves out again on Tuesday. :( BUT, when he gets back, it's vacation time! I can't wait to get to Louisiana to see family!

I have a little over two weeks until we leave and I'm hoping to loose a few pounds. Hopefully this next course won't be a killer and I can finally get back on track with my workouts and eating. Now let's see if that actually happens. Hah!

How is everyone else doing today? Got anything fun planned for the week?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm a failure...and why that's OK.

Anyone else get super motivated and do a lot of stuff at once, only to burn out and then turn super lazy? Yeah, that's me in a nutshell. I will overdo it right off the bat and then think, "Hey, I deserve a break." That break then turns into completely abandoning what I had planned to do. This is the case for my cleaning challenge. Sorry, guys. After my crazy stress cleaning session, I just couldn't do it. I also piled work, kids, writing and homework onto my plate. (Speaking of writing, check out my new post on ROW that just went live!) I'm up to four posts a month, in my fifth week of this course, and trying to earn money to pay for gas and extras for our Louisiana trip.

Y'all, I'm learning that it is OK to not be all things to all people. I'm a good mother and wife and that's about all I need to be. I take on so much responsibility, some of which isn't even mine to take on. I constantly stress myself out about things that I have no control over. Hopefully I'll find something that will keep my interest and start another series soon.

Anyway, JR comes home today so I am tiding up the house and shaving those legs. You know it's official when the phrase "leg shaving" is thrown around. I've already washed dishes, watered the flowers, taken out the recycling, and now I'm folding laundry. Just have to sweep the floors and then get the kids and I baths. Then we will be headed to the airport!

Check out my ROW post and have a great day, y'all!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's Been Crazy...

The last few days have been absolutely crazy. My internet line was cut by my lawn mower happy neighbor and it took several rude calls to Century Link to get it fixed. My line is still above ground, but whatever...

I also had jury duty but I am happy to report that I was not selected! I won't have to worry about that for two years. Since JR is on a hitch, my mom helped me out with the kids. I tell ya, a lot of times I don't know where I'd be without her.

Anyway, I'm going to get some rest and recover and I'll be back at the challenge tomorrow. :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cleaning Challenge- Day 11

Does anyone else stress clean? I know a lot of women stress eat, but I've started cleaning when I'm worked up. I'm nervous because the insurance adjuster was supposed to be out here this morning to see about the damage to our roof. I was up and dressed before the kids woke up and I have been cleaning ever since. (Minus the hour I've finally been relaxing.) 

Well, the adjuster still hasn't shown or called and my appointment slot was over almost an hour ago. That's cool insurance guy. It's just supposed to rain tomorrow. No biggie. (He just called. He'll be here around one.  Way to be prompt).

Y'all, I've cleaned my kitchen, cleaned every door in this house, cleaned all of the trim on the walls, and then started on the bathroom. I stopped myself after cleaning all the doors and trim in the bathroom because that room is today's challenge from Money Saving Mom:

  • Set the timer for 20 minutes and put toilet cleaner in each of the toilet bowls and let it soak.
  • Remove any items that don’t belong in the bathroom, put away items that need to be put away in the bathroom, empty the trash.
  • Spray and wipe down the sink and tub.
  • Finish swishing and cleaning the toilet.
  • Shake the rugs outside (or throw them in the laundry) and mop or vacuum the floors.
  • Wipe down the outside of the cupboards and clean the mirror.
  • You’re done!
So, here are the before's and after's: 

Actually not too bad.

Not too bad, either.

Eww. This is the border around the top of the shower. I'm really starting to hate dust!

All clean and organized. 

Not much of a change, but I wiped down the entire tub and the walls. 

Be gone, dust!

I am all done and have already swept the rest of the house. There really isn't anything left to clean! I guess I'll just work on some homework (which will put me ahead) and be ready to start working early tonight. At least all this anxious energy has made me rather productive!

Have a great day, y'all!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cleaning Challenge- Day 10

After 9 days of "surface cleaning" rooms of my house, I was starting to wonder when we would be hit with a day of hard cleaning. Well, I didn't have to wait long! Here is today's challenge from Money Saving Mom:

  • Set the timer for 20 minutes and pick up and put away all items that are out of place. (Bonus: find 7 items to get rid of.)
  • Dust the furniture, wall-hangings, and knick-knacks.
  • Wipe down the baseboards.
  • Vacuum/sweep the room. (Bonus: use an attachment on the vacuum to vacuum around the baseboards and vacuum the furniture.)
  • Clean fingerprints on the windows.
  • Bonus: Spot-clean the carpets and walls.
  • You’re done!
I'm going to be honest: My baseboards haven't been touched the entire time we have lived here. Please do not gasp in horror when you see the pictures of what 3 1/2 years of neglect has done to them! 
You gasped, didn't you? It's OK, so did I.

Ahhh. Much better!

Dusting was the easy part because I don't have anything on my walls. I like to say it's because I don't really have much to hang and that I'm horrible at hanging things, but it is really because I'm lazy when it comes to decorating. I really need new pictures too. We haven't taken any as a family since Ashley was about 6 months old. 
I said dusting was easy. I didn't say it was pretty! (This also includes all of the chair rails and walls)
Oh, Hi Cheyenne! It's almost like she is saying, "Mom, that's disgusting. And I eat poop, so I know disgusting when I see it."

While dusting was easy, I realized that I needed to wipe down everything in the living room. Floors are swept and mopped and I even took a vacuum cleaner to the baseboards. (Sorry, furniture. I'm tired!) Also picked up stray items and threw away a bunch of random stuff.

The chair of things that do not belong.

Back to being "the chair that needs to be replaced but will do for now."

Well, things are winding down here. I have some homework to do and then its b&b (bath and bed) time for the kiddos. Then it's Duck Dynasty time! And getting in some work. 

See y'all tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cleaning Challenge- Day 9

Day 9! I can't believe I've actually stuck with this challenge. I know I missed part of yesterday, but I am happy to report that I went ahead and finished it while I was working on tonight's challenge. 

Here is the challenge as posted on Money Saving Mom:

Your project for today is to surface clean your bedroom(s).
If you have multiple bedrooms in your house, you can choose whichever one most needs a good surface cleaning.
I picked Ashley's room since I have already used mine and Justin's as part of the challenge. Sorry in advance for the crappy iPhone pics. I really need to invest in a good used camera. 

Apparently my iPhone felt that flash was not needed here. *sigh*

Toys much?

Disney Princess and Dora everywhere!

Looking much better!

We need a bigger house. 

Yes, Ashley actually sleeps with all of these stuffed animals on her bed. Try taking one away from her. I dare you.

This challenge has shown me just how small my house actually is. A family of four in a house of about 1000 sq. ft. is a pain, but we are just thankful to have a roof over our heads! 

How did you do? :) 

I hate this part...

JR leaves today. In a few hours, the kids and I will be dropping him off at the airport. What makes things worse is that one of our friends and his family is PCS'ing out of state tomorrow. Ugh. So many people to miss. :(

I have a feeling these next two weeks will go by pretty fast. I'm on week three of my current class, I have a post due every week this month for ROW (WOOOOOT!!) I have two books to read, a lot of work to catch up on, and jury duty next week. Oh, and I have to keep up with the cleaning challenge. 

I know I missed yesterday, but I have a good reason. The challenge was to sweep/vacuum all floors. I had swept the floors in most of the house and was about to vacuum when I realized that we were out of pull-ups. So, at 8 pm, I ran to the store and then came back to get the kids ready for bed. With that said, I promise to get back at it today. 

Well, I have to go and get the last bit of JR's laundry done and get ready to head to the airport. 

P.S. Do me a favor and check out Melissa's son's website. He is trying to raise money to dig a well in Rwanda. His twin brother already met his goal in December. This is Ashton's birthday wish. 

Thanks y'all!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cleaning Challenge- Day 5 and Planting A Garden

Y'all, I'm tired. I mean dead tired. We decided to rip up the ugly shrubs in front of our porch and plant some flowers. I'll talk more on that later, but first, the cleaning challenge:

With the weekend coming up tomorrow, today you get to choose your project from the list. You can either surface clean the living room and kitchen, clean a bathroom, or clean your interior windows.

OK, so I had to clean my house almost from top to bottom since a ton of dirt made it into the house. I have hardwood and laminate floors in all rooms except the bedrooms and they were killing me. I feel so accomplished. I think I am going to take the weekend off except for my normal cleaning. 

Oh, and sorry about no pictures of the clean-up. My mind wanders when I wash dishes (what I wouldn't do for a dishwasher) and I totally blanked on taking crappy iPhone pics. But you like those crappy iPhone pics? Well, lucky you! I took pictures of our flower bed!

Petunias and Gerbera Daisies

Hanging baskets!

Gerbera Daisies and Marigolds

Begonias in a hanging basket. I just love saying begonias. Begonias. Ok, I'm done. 

I so wish I had taken before pictures. In the last week, the front of the house has made a dramatic recovery. It had been neglected for so long. Poor yard. 

Anyway, I'm going to go enjoy a beer or two and a bonfire with some friends who are about to PCS out of state. :( 

Happy Friday y'all!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cleaning Challenge- Day 4

Whew. Today has been a day, that's for sure. Payday= running all over town. Good news? Justin is sounding a lot better. Bad news? Ashley is hacking and sneezing now. Ahh. The joys of motherhood.

Anyway, here is today's challenge:

Your project for today is to surface clean extra rooms (laundry room, office, etc.)

I picked Justin's room since I managed to track dirt all over his carpet when we came in from the store. Gotta love rainy days and 50 degree weather. (WTF Spring?)

Here are the before and after's:

No excuses. Just mess. 

My husband is directly responsible for the Saints gear that graces the walls of baby boy's room. If I had it my way, it'd be wall to wall Steelers. :) 

Sorry for the blurry picture. I was holding a fussy baby. Oh, and that hamper of clothes? Those are actually clean, I'm just going through Justin's clothes and putting all of the ones he can't fit into together to give to a friend whose sister is having a little boy. 

I figured I'd leave you with a picture of the most handsome man I know. Tied with my Dad, nephew, brother, and husband :)

How did you do? I want to hear about your progress! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Discovery Place Kids Trip and Cleaning Challenge-Day 3 (Picture Heavy!)

Since I'm linking this post up with the Money Saving Mom website, I'm going to talk about the challenge first. Here is today's challenge:

  • Set the timer for 20 minutes and pick up and put away all items that are out of place. (Bonus: find 7 items to get rid of.)
  • Pull out any items under the bed that don’t below under the bed and make the bed (wash sheets/bedding, if needed).
  • Vacuum/sweep the room. (Bonus: use an attachment on the vacuum to vacuum around the baseboards and vacuum under the bed.)
  • Clean fingerprints on the windows.
  • Bonus: Spot-clean the carpets and walls.
  • You’re done!
Here are some before pictures: 

I have realized a few things: 1) I can't wait to get a new comforter set. 2) We throw stuff any and every where. 3) See number 1.

Here are the after shots:

I have also realized that taking the before and after pictures is actually pretty motivational. (And I really want a new comforter set.)

How did you do today?

Now onto our Discovery Place Kids adventure. For some reason I fail to understand, Discovery Place decided to open in Rockingham. Really? Anyway, my mom and I took the kids, along with my nephew and cousin. It was ok. I mean, it is Rockingham. I think I would have had a little more fun if I didn't have a sick baby. 

 Baby Boy loved the water. So glad that they had a table with baby seats! (That's my mom in the background. Hi Mom!)

Justin at the water table and the "lunch" Ashley made me at the play kitchen.

Ashley in the play kitchen and at another exhibit. 

All in all, it was a full day. Now onto the homework I have due tonight. No rest for this momma. Night y'all!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cleaning Challenge- Day 2

What a day it has been.

Justin has been a little congested for a few days, but got much worse over the last 24 hours. I was able to get a doctor's appointment very early this morning and found out that little man has Bronchiolitis (at least, that's what it sounded like she said) and has to have breathing treatments. If he isn't better in a few days he may have to go to the hospital. :(

My handsome boy is happy even when he is sick!

He fell asleep almost as soon as we started his first treatment. Poor baby. :(

Justin is still a little fussy and I'm a lot sleepy, but I completed the challenge for today. (Sorry, no pictures of my progress) Here is the challenge as posted on Money Saving Mom:

  • Set the timer for 20 minutes and put toilet cleaner in each of the toilet bowls and let it soak.
  • Remove any items that don’t belong in the bathroom, put away items that need to be put away in the bathroom, empty the trash.
  • Spray and wipe down the sink and tub.
  • Finish swishing and cleaning the toilet.
  • Shake the rugs outside (or throw them in the laundry) and mop or vacuum the floors.
  • Wipe down the outside of the cupboards and clean the mirror.
  • You’re done!
This took me way more than 20 minutes because I had to stop and give Justin a breathing treatment. Either way, I got the job done! I'm very thankful that the Lord gave me the energy to keep up with all that happened today. This momma is wore out!

How did you do with day 2?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning Challenge-Day One

I'm going to be truthful with y'all; I almost didn't take part in the challenge today. I know, I know. It's the first day! Don't fret, I did it! 

According to the Money Saving Mom website, today's challenge was: 

  • Set the timer for 15 minutes and pick up and put away everything that’s out of place. Bonus project: Find 7 things to get rid of.
  • Next, wash the dishes in the kitchen (if there are any), wipe down the countertops and surfaces in the kitchen.
  • Finally, vacuum the living room.
I did everything listed! I even took pictures. 

Here is my kitchen before I started:

Let's just say this weekend has been pretty busy.

Here is my kitchen now:

Yay! Clean! I wiped down every surface I could think of. Stove, microwave, counters, cabinet doors, etc. 

Feeling pretty good about this challenge. How did you do today?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Y'all, cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do. I'm not a slob by any means, I just grumble a lot when sweeping or washing dishes. Most hated chore? Folding clothes! I'm not sure why, but my mom has always loved doing the laundry. Then again, she used to vacuum the floors every morning at 6 am.

Anyway, being at home a lot means I see the dust and dirt that has built up over the years and it's driving me crazy. One of my favorite blogs, Money Saving Mom, has issued a 30-day house cleaning challenge. Every day, you clean the room/area that is specified on her blog. One of the things I love about Crystal is that she breaks down big tasks into "bite-sized" pieces. This challenge is no different.

I'm accepting the challenge and plan to blog about it. Might not be every day (between JR being home, getting a part-time WAH job, the kids and school, I'm lucky to even think about blogging.) but at least twice a week. Maybe even some instagramed pictures to go along with the posts? Lucky you.

Want to join me? Head on over to Money Saving Mom's site and check it out.

Later y'all!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New ROW Post

My newest ROW post is live! Go check it out! This post is actually great for any woman who takes care of the home alone or just wants to be able to make repairs.

My class from hell (which actually taught me A LOT) is over and a new class has begun. I just keep reminding myself that in a year, I will have my masters.

JR comes home tomorrow! WOOOOOT!

Justin is rolling over. :( I mean, I'm happy, but why is my baby growing so fast?! Stay small baby boy!

Have a great day, y'all!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day Dream Believer

It seems that all I have been doing lately is thinking about all the things I want to accomplish. I don't want to call it a bucket list because I don't really want to think about my own death. Since I've been staying at home, I have a lot of time to think about things. A little too much time if you ask me. All this thinking has led me to see that I've been losing myself in the house and the kids. It's time to get my dreams down on paper and start making them happen! Anyway, here is some of my dream list. Take a look, but only if you promise not to laugh. 

  • Learn to speak Cajun French- The first time I set foot in Natchitoches, LA, I fell in love with the place. The history, the culture, the people. I haven't been in several years and I can't wait to go back. Cajun French is such an interesting language and I've been reading here and there to learn a few words. 
  • Complete a Fun Run- There are so many to chose from, but I think I'd like to do Disney Princess Run. Not the half marathon, but the Royal Family 5K. Dressing up in a crown and Tutu? Yep. Sign me up!
  • Learn to play the Mandolin- The only instrument I've ever played well was the Trumpet. Why I picked that instead of a more "girly" instrument is beyond me. Then again, I never did do anything the "normal" way. Anyway, I love blue grass and the sound of the Mandolin. I would love to pick up this skill.
  • Sing with Patty Lovelace (or another blue grass singer)- Again, I love blue grass. The folksy sound and the meaningful lyrics make for some amazing music. Have you ever heard Patty Lovelace sing "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive"? No? What is wrong with you! Go to iTunes and download it now! My extreme stage fright might kill this one. Oh, and the fact that Patty Lovelace doesn't know that I'm even alive. Hah!
  • Meet a famous actor- Preferably Ryan Gosling, Gerard Butler, or Channing Tatum. *drool*
  • Meet Ree Drummond- I absolutely love Ree. She is my blogging idol. I've read her book, cook books, and watch her on Food Network. Her show is actually the only cooking show I watch. 
  • Actually make some money off of this blog- I think this is self-explanatory. I have always loved to write and now that this blog actually has readers from other states (and not just my mom), I'm hopeful that one day it might happen. 
  • Dance lessons- I actually have rhythm and love to dance. It would be so much fun to learn ballroom dance!
  • Get a Doctorate- This one is iffy. I'm almost a third of the way through with my Masters and I'm just not sure I can handle much more. 
  • Honeymoon- JR and I were married the weekend before I had finals and shortly before he left for training. He deployed shortly after so we decided to push our honeymoon back. Next month is our five year anniversary and we have yet to go on a honeymoon. One day, JR and I will go to some tropical locale and have a week of no kids, no work, no stress. 
So, there you have it. What is on your list? Leave me a comment or tweet me @Ofwjaimie. I can't wait to hear your responses!

Night, y'all!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Two Cents

I'll be the first to say that I don't like debating people, ESPECIALLY if I don't know them personally. Politics with my Dad over breakfast at the local diner? Yes. Fighting with someone who thinks they are knowledgeable because they can find Wikipedia on the Internet? No thanks. I do not intend to debate fracking here, so if this is your intention, GO AWAY. Just a warning: I will delete any and all comments that attempt to create a hostile environment. (Seriously. This isn't an open forum where you get the freedom to mindlessly mouth-off consequence free.)

I've seen FrackNation,  a pro-fracking documentary that was filmed to respond to the anti-fracking documentary Gasland. I'll be honest and say that until JR started in the industry, I didn't really pay attention to fracking. I haven't watched Gasland, partly because I don't think I'll be able to make it through the first twenty minutes without getting upset. This is why I refuse to say if any information in Gasland is valid or not.

Here is what I will say: Become educated and informed on the topic! If this is such an important issue to you, especially if this impacts your income (OFW's!), learn all you can about it. This goes for both sides! There is nothing I hate more than someone making claims that they can't back up with proof. (Thanks Dr. Mallory! You've made a true Grad student out of me!)

Here are links to websites for both documentaries as well as a few that I find interesting:



Interesting list of things that are petroleum based

Report on Shale from the Government Accountability Office from 2012

While I do not want to debate the topic, feel free to share websites in the comments section, but ONLY if they have factual information to back them up. If there isn't a link to what ever report or study it is they are citing, then they didn't do a very good job. (This goes for both sides of the topic!) Let's work together to create the most educated community of Oilfield Wives out there!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!

Y'all, I just have to share this:

Yep. Duck Dynasty replied to me on Twitter. I know, I'm geeking out right now. That's OK. I absolutely love this show!!

OK, back to the show y'all!

Let's try this again...

Alright y'all... the winner of the DecalThat giveaway never contacted me so the new winner is Laci Wyant!

I already have your info and will pass it on so that your decal can be sent! Congrats!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And the winner is...

Ms. Eliza Kay! You are the winner of the DecalThat Proud Oilfield Wife decal! Please send an e-mail to with your full name and mailing address by midnight tonight Eastern Standard Time. I will pass the information on to DecalThat  for shipping.

Thank you to all who entered. I loved reading your submissions. Makes me so proud to be a part of this sisterhood! I hope to be able to have another giveaway soon!

Monday, March 11, 2013


Even being a stay at home mom, Mondays are still frowned upon in my home. All of my classwork is due on this day (which usually means a really late night), and this week, Monday is JR's last day at home. :( One good thing about today? My latest ROW post is live! It's all about staying connected to your oilfield man. I want to know what you want to see a ROW post on. What would you like to see me discuss?? Leave me a comment or send me a tweet @Ofwjaimie.

I just have to say that I finally got my Kindle HD Fire. Kindle, where have you been all of my life? I can't read any of my nook books on it, but that's ok. I had pretty much read everything on it anyway. Ashley loves it, mostly because my sister has let her play on her kindle for the last few months. (I learned the hard way to make all purchases require a password.)  My nook won't go to waste as JR plans to take it back to work with him so that he can have a way to wind down during his free time.

Well, I guess I should get the day started. Have a great day, y'all!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Time is on my side, right?

I'm starting to think time is my enemy. There never seems to be enough of it. I always run out of time for cleaning, doing homework, spending time with JR before he leaves for his next hitch. Right now, it's 11:24 p.m. and I'm feeding my son after finally getting some homework done. My husband and daughter (and the dogs) are asleep and it's just Baby Boy and I. (Well, if you count Justin being barely coherent enough to drink his bottle, then he is awake.)

One of the things that has sent me down this philosophical road is my daughter. Ashley is growing up so fast and every single day she does something to amaze me. The last few weeks she has demanded to dress herself. Here is a sampling of her outfits:

She has the fashion sense and love for skinny jeans that her mommy will never have.

Last night Ashley decided she didn't need my help getting ready for bed. I must have had a sad look on my face because she said, "It's OK, Mommy. I'll always need your help." Talk about getting the vapors! Ugh.

And look at my little man with his big sister:

Can someone please tell Justin to stop growing?!

Time may be going by way too fast, but the times that I am able to slow down and enjoy what I have been blessed with make it all worth while. I won't always be struggling with homework until the wee hours of the morning. I won't always get the chance to dress my kids and tuck them in at night. I won't always get to enjoy the feeling of JR's first few nights home from a hitch. But while I can, you better believe I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Do you see blessings in the midst of a crazy life? Tell me how you cope with time running short in the comments section or send me a tweet @Ofwjaimie. (Don't forget to go enter the DecalThat giveaway on my last post!)

Don't forget to kiss your babies whether they be big, small, young, old(er), or of the four legged variety.

Night y'all.